What is PCSSC?

The Production Control Shared Service Center (PCSSC) is a UC multi-campus organization responsible for delivering workload automation, batch scheduling and file transfer services to IT customers and users of business applications in mainframe and distributed platform environments for UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco and UC Office of the President.

The Primary Goals of the PCSSC:

  • Reduce costs by minimizing duplication of production control staff functions, job scheduling and automation software tools.
  • Develop and improve economies of scale that facilitate the potential for integrating additional UC business applications into the PCSSC.
  • Increase efficiencies and quality of service by introducing a common set of job scheduling and workload automation software tools, standards, policies, and industry best practices. 
  • Provide a well-defined client engagement process.
  • Increase real-time shift coverage by structuring a combined production control staff larger than any of the former individual campus production control staffs. 
  • Position the PCSSC to respond promptly to changes in software technology and UC business requirements.