Welcome the new UCOP Enterprise Shared Services (ESS) Team!


Services formerly provided by UCB’s PCSSC and UCOP’s EOC have been consolidated into a new operations team, UCOP Enterprise Shared Services (ESS).  

UCOP's MFT / Workload Automation Team will now provide batch/workload automation, managed file transfers and software administration support for Control-M and GoAnywhere

UCOP's ESS Team will continue to provide batch monitoring, system monitoring and incident management for existing UCOP services and applications.

Former Groups

New UCOP Groups

Enterprise Operations Center  Enterprise Shared Services  (Beatrice Cardona)
PCSSC Coordinators Enterprise Shared Services (Beatrice Cardona)
PCSSC Liaisons MFT / Workload Automation (Pamela Sampson-Smith)
PCSSC Tool Admins

Infrastructure Application Support (Bobby Cook, Interim Manager)

What You Can Expect: 

On August 18, 2021, PCSSC and EOC customers can expect a seamless transition of services.   Requests and inquiries can be forwarded via email, as well as using UCOP’s ServiceNow.    

What’s New: 

1.      All requests should be submitted using a UCOP ServiceNow request form.  

2.      Please use one of these ServiceNow Request Forms when communicating with UCOP support teams:

·         GOA - MFT / Control - M Workload Automation Request

·         Certificate Management Requests

·         All Other Requests

3.      Each request form will capture the necessary information and route to the appropriate team for quick response.  

4.      All campus locations / users have the ability to login to UCOP ServiceNow to submit requests.

5.      For PCSSC requests, you will no longer receive a UCB ServiceNow ticket.  A ticket will only come from UCOP’s ServiceNow. 

6.      To update or add comments to a UCOP ServiceNow ticket, you can reply to the email generated from UCOP’s ServiceNow, or login directly to https://ucop.service-now.com

7.      Alternatively, requests or inquiries can be sent to ESS-Tickets@ucop.edu (replaces uc-pcssc-tickets@berkeley.edu).   

a.      An email sent to ESS-Tickets@ucop.edu will generate a UCOP ServiceNow request and assign it to the Enterprise Shared Services (ESS) team.

b.      Users that are added in the “To:” field of your email will be added to the watchlist of the ticket generated.

c.       Anyone added to the “Cc:” field will not be added to the watchlist of the ticket generated.

d.      Emails cannot be “Forwarded” to this address.  If you want to forward an email to ESS-Tickets@ucop.edu to open a Service Request, please be sure to remove the “FW:” from the subject line.  Otherwise, a ticket will not be generated.

8.      The PCSSC Call Center Telephone number (510) 664-4770 will be disconnected on August 18, 2021.  Instead, please contact ESS at one of the numbers below.

ESS can be reached 24x7 by phone at (510) 987-0363 or (510) 987-0349. 

10.  The updated UCOP ITS organization chart can be found here

Please share this information with your teams.  For any questions or concerns, please contact Beatrice.Cardona@ucop.eduPamela.Sampson-Smith@ucop.edu

Thank you,

Beatrice Cardona, Pamela Sampson-Smith